Client Profile: TheStarter

Leandro D. Gryngarten, Co-founder/CEO

Who We Are

After almost two decades of international experience in the field of web-based solutions for golf players, courses, and leagues, we created TheStarter, which brings a proven, modern platform to improve the experience of the players of golf and footgolf. In order to make this possible, we now offer a comprehensive solution that’s supported by entrepreneurs, software developers, engineers, and mathematicians.

Company Mission

Our mission is to improve the experience of sports players. They shouldn’t be thinking about what is behind the curtains, but focusing on enjoying the sport.

Company Vision

– The player is king: we are here for the sports player.

– Profit: commitment for long-term profitable business.

– Responsibility: we deliver a robust solution with business responsibility without cutting corners.

– Partners: we build a solid network with the courses and leagues where everyone’s role is important.


In five years we plan to expand our current national and international network by strengthening our connections with local partners and creating new links.

Advice for startups

Work together with experts who can understand your need and help you go through the uncertainties of a startup. It is very satisfying to work with a firm who tells you “Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this process” and then see the profit of that relationship. The guidance and legal assistance we received from CMLaunch has let us focus on what we can do best, while feeling supported by a large array of attorneys experts in all of our current and potentially future legal needs.


Atlanta, Georgia