CM Launch Creativity


the ability to imagine.

Behind every successful startup there is...

CM Launch Leverage


the skill to get things done.

Behind every successful startup there is...


the muscle to move things forward.

Behind every successful startup there is...

CM Launch

The Creativity, Power & Leverage

behind your startup.

Welcome to CMLaunch…

a Wildly Successful Startup that Broke the Mold.

CMLaunch refers to the team of highly-experienced business-growth attorneys at Culhane Meadows PLLC who arrived laterally from some of the largest law firms and most respected corporate legal departments in the world. We wanted a better way to deliver outstanding and efficient representation to our clients. So we created it. We are a cutting edge start up law firm that is getting noticed—and growing nationally. What about you? Are you ready to grow?

The First Idea May Not Be Your Best or Your Final Idea.
Initially, Most Startups Raise Money. Then They Do it Again.
Legal Documents are Important. Expert Advice is Vital.

We Are Attorneys. But more Importantly, We Are Innovators.

Innovators have the relentless need to push boundaries and sometimes buttons. They are thinkers and doers who feed on ideas and possibilities. They don’t ask “Why”, but “Why Not”. They defy convention and are compelled to find a better way.

So yes we are attorneys and have a full understanding of law. But we are also utterly convinced that innovation is key to success no matter what your business is.

What About You?  Are You Ready?

Let’s Get Started!

No One is Better Suited to Advise You on Launching a Successful Startup Than Us.

  • 3. Start with good people

    Choose team members with distinctive skill sets.

  • 2. Provide or make something that people actually want.

    Doesn’t have to be new but if it’s not, it must be better.

  • 1. Spend as little money as possible.

    Be frugal. A good idea moves forward in the beginning without breaking the bank.

Inside Look: Profile of a CMLaunch Client


WHO WE ARE:  A franchise of Workout Anytime.  The company was started in October, 2012 and we are located in Hiram, Georgia a suburb of Atlanta.  Our mission statement is to improve the health and fitness of the citizens of Paulding County Georgia.

THE GUIDANCE/LEGAL ASSISTANCE YOU RECEIVED FROM CMLAUNCH: They helped us organize and implement our Employee Handbook, which has been instrumental in hiring and retaining great employees.

RIGHT NOW:  We are currently in negotiations to open another franchise location on the Northeast side of Atlanta.

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