Meet Stu Blandford, CEO and Co-Founder

After achieving my MBA from Vanderbilt, I worked for large consulting firms such as Accenture and KPMG. My fiercely independent streak resulted in travelling the world in search of interesting projects.

As Plato wrote, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. A hard drive crash wiped out my ten year foray of writing the Great American Novel. There was a printed copy; however, retyping 500 pages was tedious, to say the least. Surely, there was a better way.

Meet Michael Urvan, CIO and Co-Founder

English may be his first language, but Michael is extremely fluent in multiple coding languages as well. Michael was the first person sought out by Stu to make this dream a reality. Given his vast experience, Mike’s initial prototype of StratuSave was up and running after a mere two weeks. With new features constantly added, StratuSave will become a major player in file security.

StratuSave is a software company that seeks to make our customers’ files safe. With a click of a button, a user may save their files to as many Cloud-based platforms as they desire. Be it Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, to name a few. Oh, and Flash drives? We do that too.

It’s right there on our logo – Computers are cheap. Your files are priceless. Our goal is to ensure that your files are safe and accessible, wherever you are.

During this early stage of our growth, our primary task is to block and tackle in terms of integrating our product with various desktop modules. By tackling small-to-medium sized businesses first, as well as individual users on the consumer side, we will gain insight to additional features the market desires.

Another target market of ours is the non-profit sector. We find them to be vastly underserved with high turnover both on boards and employees. StratuSave will aid their ability to successfully manage their data, so they can focus on the business of helping others.

Within five years, we hope to partner with consulting firms to integrate StratuSave with larger corporations’ private clouds (if we are not acquired by some Silicon Valleyite).

The idea, the revelation, the “a-ha” moment has come to you. Are you ready to embrace it? If so, you’ll work harder than you ever have, but love every second of it.

Writing another novel or a screenplay that I envision as the feel-good movie of the summer.

We formulated the idea. We wrote the code. We developed the marketing strategy. But then, we were unsure of how to put it all into action, in a workable form that made business sense and that would protect our interests too. We called out to fhe CMLaunch attorneys, and they guided us easily through a forest of fine print which reminded us of dimly lit trees. Their knowledge and enthusiasm was astounding. They were less interested in our money than in our success.

In a more concrete fashion, they provided services from formation of our business entity through rollout of the contracts we will use with our customers. This included invaluable advice as we worked through the agreement between us as founders and obtaining (or not obtaining) outside services from the myriad vendors who sell “must-have” services for entrepreneurs.

With our CM attorneys, we sketched out a roadmap for the essentials that we will want to spend time and money on as we reach new levels of growth in the company. It was great to know that whether it was a question on hiring versus engaging a contractor, or compensating such people without parting with too much of our cash or equity, CMLaunch attorneys had been there before and were ready to help us get there too.