Client Profile: SiShield

Jacques Elfersy, President/SiShield Technologies, Inc.

Company Overview

SiShield Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”) is a development stage company engaged in the development, marketing, and sale of surface modifying antimicrobials and biostatic products, primarily through strategic partners and third party licensing arrangements. These products have a unique ability to inhibit the growth of single cell microorganisms and provide continuous antimicrobial protection against harmful bacteria, algae, yeast, mildew, viruses, and a broad spectrum of other microorganisms for six months or longer. This residual antimicrobial activity allows the continuous destruction of microorganisms as they come in contact with the treated surface. We believe that our antimicrobial technologies have revolutionary properties that make our products longer lasting, effective, easily applied, versatile, relatively safer than any of the available conventional antimicrobials, non-antibiotic treatments, preservatives, or biocides, and essentially nontoxic for their intended uses. Unlike other antimicrobial active ingredients, the Company’s products’ active ingredient has not been shown to allow or cause microbial adaptation or viral resistance and does not diffuse or volatilize.

Company Philosophy

SiShield’s mission is to be the leading supplier of antimicrobial products worldwide. We accomplish this through innovation, vast experience, and dedication to meet all of our customers’ antimicrobial needs. We are committed to deliver the best quality products and technical assistance, at the best value, around the world.

One of the Company’s main objectives is to capitalize on our Founder’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of surface modifying antimicrobial technologies to bring innovative solutions and products to the antimicrobial markets with value added results to a variety of industries and to meet the growing need for products and finishes that protect against microbial contamination. The Company also focuses on exploiting its proprietary technology, marketing property, and future patents and regulatory approvals with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and United States Food and Drug Administration to become the leader and the supplier of choice in the topical antimicrobial and biocide market for the consumer, industrial, and institutional markets, and environmental services.

Our Five Year Plan

The Company’s strategy is to enter into a number (15-20) of lead time agreements, licensing, and joint development arrangements in order to generate a steady and predictable revenue stream at the lowest possible overhead and capital expenditures. By creating these strong and long arrangements, the Company hopes to build brand identity in the market place, and achieve long term commitments from its customers and partners.

Best Piece of Advice for Other Startups

Have a realistic business plan for the first three years with clear milestones and achievable objectives. Go slow but steady and keep your eyes on the financial ball and make sure you never run out of money to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to change course and make detours to get there and reinvent.

The guidance and assistance you received from CMLaunch was…

CMLaunch is our corporate lawyer and business adviser. CMLaunch helps make the right decisions and protects our interests in dealings with other companies and entering into agreements with them. We intend to use CMLaunch to do all our IP work in the future.


Our main office in Atlanta, GA, and our production facility is in Burlington, NC.


Jacques Elfersy, President